MYFACTORY connects the best practice of designing and constructing, upon their client’s needs.

With years of experience within the traditional industry, the team has the right foundation and approach to optimize and think “out of the box”.

MYFACTORY was established with a new path of mindset, how to service their clients. With that in mind of a very strong technical and commercial setup, MYFACTORY was established in 2019, to create new and modern services to their clients and the market in general.

Their vision goes hand in hand with that of their clients, to reduce costs, optimize quality and on-time delivery as per request.

MYFACTORY is a strong believer of setting their clients’ needs in the first place and understands the requirements of acting agile with a flexible approach.

MYFACTORY strengths lies within their ability to solve challenges and review possibilities, within their clients demands and special construction requirements. MYFACTORY sees potentials in the unexplored.