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This exceptionally elegant re-creation of the first Grand Seiko watch from 1960 features an embossed expression of maki-e, a traditional manner of decorating urushi lacquer by sprinkling it with pure gold powder. The black urushi enamel used in this watch is a special compound crafted specifically for Grand Seiko and made from domestic Japanese lacquer, making it extremely rare. Indeed, the majority of urushi produced today comes from outside of Asia, and true Japanese urushi is known to dry extremely quickly, making it challenging to use. The urushi ename in this carefully crafted switch was formed by a mixture with iron so that it stays the same black color. It will maintain its unique quality and lustrous shine over many years, in order that it can be appreciated by future generations of watch lovers.

The Great Seiko logo and the twelve pure gold maki-e indexes have been m by the hands of Isshu Tamura, a lacquerware artist from Kanazawa, a city whose lyrical name equals “marsh associated with gold. ”

Combining the dual-curved blue glass with the lacquer call grants this particular watch a soft presence and unparalleled depth. The case uses Brilliant Hard Titanium, which melds the lightness regarding titanium with a robustness twice that of standard steel. With its classic profile and high resistance to wear, the new SBGW295 is an ideal appearance of Awesome Seiko’s mission to craft practical watches for everyday wear. Moreover, one of the two supplied straps incorporates a traditional Japanese weaving technique called yoroiori that was once used for making samurai armor. Thin strips involving calf leather and fabric are interlaced by a skilled artisan to enhance the watch strap’s durability.

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Intended to mark one hundred ten years since the first Seiko wristwatch, the actual Laurel, this specific Grand Seiko model houses the latest manual-winding Caliber 9S64 mechanical movement, which has a power reserve of 3 days.

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