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Jacob & Co. Astronomy Flawless

Jacob & Co. merges the sophisticated worlds of superb with the worlds of luxurious horlogerie to introduce the most recent addition to the brand's signature bank Astronomia collection, the Astronomia Flawless. Jacob & Co. Epic X replica

While this watch showcases an immaculate visual, the new Astronomia's name offers multiple meanings behind this. " Flawless" not only appertains to the impeccable appearance of the view, but also the title of the maximum level of diamond clarity within the diamond grading standard from the Gemological Institute of The united states. For a diamond to be announced flawless, no inclusions or even blemishes should be visible below 10x magnification. Flawless is actually therefore a fitting standard for Jacob & Co. 's evolutionary interpretation in the iconic sapphire case on the Astronomia collection.

The large sapphire crystal has become a consistent design element of the actual Jacob & Co. Astronomia collection since the launch with the first Astronomia Tourbillon within 2014. The transparency of the watch case allows the movement from the Gravitational Tri-Axis Tourbillon to become clearly seen from several angles. Last year, Jacob & Co. increased the visibility of the case and the visibility in the Astronomia complication with its brand new 2016 Baseworld offering, the particular Astronomia Clarity. Nevertheless, inside the spirit of continuous enhancement, Astronomia Flawless has once more raised the level of transparency associated with Astronomia Clarity with the intro of Astronomia Flawless's monolithic sapphire crystal case. cheap watches for sale

To achieve this look, numerous parts of the collection that were formerly made of precious metals are now made from sapphire crystal: the one-piece case middle and lugs, the dial (blue sapphire) and even the buckle.

These changes additional quite a bit of complexity to the fresh watch, as the production of the watch case middle alone required fifteen separate steps totaling regarding 326 hours of function, the case back about 297 hours of work, and also the dial 280 hours, as the buckle is 295 hrs. Due to the long hours of perform required to produce each portion of this highly complex enjoy, such as the 37 weeks regarding production time required for typically the sapphire parts alone, Astronomia Flawless will produce just nine individually numbered items.

The hand-wound JCAM16 caliber with its three-axis tourbillon, rotating earth as well as sun, and accompanying hours and minute dials is improved in the Astronomia Perfect. Titanium bridges with rose gold colored finish, 2 . 23 karat Jacob Cut® yellow gemstone representing the sun on the middle shaft, and a 1 carat weight diamond that also functions Jacob's 288 facets Cut®. While the dial looks similar to other Astronomia models, often the dial of the Astronomia Faultless is actually made of sapphire amazingly with a blue coating. fake watches for men

technical details


Diameter: 50mm

Thickness: 25. forty five

Material: double anti-reflective treatment

Sapphire Situation back: Double anti-reflective therapy and silver-plated sapphire

Winding and setting period via two 18-carat rose gold colored bows

Crystal: distinctive domed sapphire with dual anti-reflective treatment

Water proof: 30 meters


Caliber: Jacob black & Co. in-house hand-wound caliber JCAM16

Size: 40mm

Height: seventeen. 15mm

Material: Ti with rose gold finish and also sapphire crystal barrel link

Components: 367

Power reserve: 60 hours

Frequency: 21, 600 v/h (3 Hz)

Gemstones: 42

Finishing: Connections and bridges: hand chamfered and polished, drawn sides, circular graining, polished special place channels, polished screws; Clip or barrel: circular grained


Center axis, adorned with an exclusive round 288-facet Jacob Cut® yellow-colored sapphire, equipped with a trademarked differential gear system effective at making one revolution round the dial in 20 moments, with four branches:

Subsidiary hour and moment dials

Exclusive 288 Facets Spherical Jacob Reduce ® White Diamond (Weight: 1 Carat), Rotates upon Pivot Every 60 Seconds Magnesium

Globe with rose gold colored continents and blue colored oceans that rotates as soon as every 60 seconds

Tri-Axis Gravity Tourbillon cage moves every 60 seconds on its own axis, every 5 minutes from the central axis on it is fulcrum, plus a full trend around its central axis every 20 minutes


Sky-blue dial

Hands: rose gold colored hand-polished



Belt: sapphire crystal

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