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Thesis Planning Stages


WRC structuring starts with planning. It is important to understand here:

  • What needs to be studied and shown?
  • Availability of open and reliable sources of essay writing service information?
  • In what order should the primary sources be arranged and how to link them together?
  • How to draw reasoned conclusions?
  • How to organize the practical part and develop a plan of recommendations?


So, first you need to understand the topic: the object and subject of research, purpose and objectives. Then we proceed to the formation of the WRC plan. At the planning stage, you can omit the title page (it will be drawn up in accordance with the guidelines, and the methodological recommendations usually contain a sample that is quite easy to “correct” for yourself), annotation (this is a brief description of the work: what was done and received), table of contents (it represents a WRC plan approved by the supervisor) and a list of references.


Graduation work planning


First you need to get a general idea on the topic. To do this, you can consult with your supervisor or just read a few "similar" WRCs at the department or on the Internet. Then, you need to understand: what write my paper you want to consider, show and prove, formulating it in the form of a hypothesis, goals and objectives, object and subject of research.


Next, we select sources of information. It is better to immediately sort the found resources so that in the future you do not “shovel” a pile of literature again, choosing the right one for a subparagraph or chapter. Make sure the data is up to date and correct. Then we break everything found into several parts:

  • Introduction: we emphasize the relevance of the data, forms the goal and objectives. We describe the subject and object, the methodological base, information sources, etc.
  • Theoretical chapter: covers only those points that you will demonstrate in action (practical chapter). It is important to show the problem, standard options for solving it, methods for determining it, etc.
  • Practical chapter. Following the “instruction” (theoretical chapter), it is necessary to show how the student can use knowledge: apply methods, diagnose a problem, make prompt decisions, organize various events, justify their effectiveness, etc.
  • Conclusion. Here it is advisable to focus on the practical part: what the author did, what he determined and suggested, how effective it is, compare the originally intended goal and the result obtained, etc.


Please note that the introduction and conclusion are approximately equal in volume: 3-5 pages. In the introduction, it is important to indicate what will be considered, what the author proposes to do, and in the conclusion - the results of what has been done.


Rules for the presentation of the text in the WRC


The theoretical and practical chapters should be approximately equal in volume, as well as subparagraphs in them. Often the theoretical part of the help do my essay WRC is too large. Do not immediately delete entire paragraphs. Sometimes it is enough to fit some data into tables, diagrams or figures.


It is important that all material is presented in a scientific style, and all graphic materials are designed in accordance with methodological recommendations and guidelines: have a name, numbering, be centered on the page, etc. It is also important to follow all the rules of the English language in the work.


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