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To help you get started and make the most out of your time, we've compiled a list of the top 5 to-do apps.

When you have so much to do, it can be difficult to keep up with the details of your day. It is important to set realistic goals and keep your eyes on the things you must complete. You can organize your goals by using an external system instead of following the tracks.

You can ask professionals from Dissertation Team to write your dissertation and have additional time.

This will allow your brain to concentrate on more important tasks. These applications are easy to use and most people can easily write them down. It can be difficult to find a solution when trying to keep track of all your obligations.

To help you get started and make the most out of your time, we've compiled a list of the top 5 to-do apps.


Todoist, the most used app by the team for their work, is Todoist. It is simple and clean, with a lot of power packed into its small size. You can write tasks in natural language as you type them. This tool allows you to modify its features and make it unstoppable. This is the tool that productivity experts recommend.

Todoist's Windows app isn't as user-friendly as the Mac application. The same applies to most apps. Todoist, a web-based task management system that allows you to add assignments from anywhere, is called Todoist. It works seamlessly across all platforms, including mobile apps. Todoist can be used to create custom views or lists. You can use filters to view all your tasks for the week.

To access the advanced features of this to-do app, you will need to pay $36 per month. If you have any questions about the app, please read this Mercury News article. There are often useful data displayed there.

Microsoft To-Do List

Microsoft To-Do is a simple and easy-to-use to-do app that functions similarly to other Microsoft Tools. Although it has all the essential features you require, it lacks some desirable ones such as tags and natural language processing.

This free Windows version offers similar features to Todoist but has a few extra bells and whistles. Subtasks are extremely productive. You can use them to create step lists for parent assignments, with their own due dates.

Microsoft To-Do's "My Day" feature is similar to other applications that make their to-do lists for the day. This feature allows you to see all issues. There are no tags, filters, or smart lists. Instead, Microsoft To-Do allows you to create separate lists that can be arranged according to their current workflow.

Outlook is not recommended for large companies. Calendar integration is not something you will need.

Google Tasks

Users can view all completed missions by clicking the "Clear Completed Tasks" button. This is a great feature that reduces the number of tasks required. Subtask is an excellent app for batch tasks that can be scheduled in one afternoon. They don't work as one-off tasks like other apps.

Google Tasks has been a neglected app for a while and has not seen much development. An Android app that was released with only the basics is one that has been available in the past few years. It is not necessary to have a special organization. They can be saved for later use. It is not ideal to have multiple assignments to complete simultaneously.

Any. DO

Any.DO is an easy-to-use scheduler that works across multiple devices. It has a simple interface that can be easily synchronized to multiple devices. You can input text and attach photos, videos, or images.

This app is worth every penny when you consider that even the best essay writing service can't offer this feature. This feature is missing in many similar utilities. It is compatible with both smartphones and PCs. It has a status bar built-in, which allows you to display messages directly within the status bar.

Remember the Milk

Our last app will be "Remember the Milk". It's a tool that allows users to organize and plan their goals in the cloud. It has built-in list sync and easy touch input. It also features easy-to-recognize features such as control over the work process, multi-user interaction, and the ability to sort.

It is compatible with most major operating systems. It supports email notifications and text messaging. The app's ability to receive predefined notifications is another key feature. It also allows users to create multiple lists that are associated with assigned tasks.

They can also add fields to their list and save frequently used locations. Students love that they can postpone tasks through this tool.


We hope that our list of 5 top do-list apps will prove useful to both current and future students. We can only imagine the future of similar apps as technology continues to improve.

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