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It is possible of course we will have to wait for Madden 23 but we hope not. EA hasn't said anything at this point, but Mut 22 coins the demand of gamers to know what's happening and when the change will take place in the game is going to get louder and louder.

Update: Not confirmed as of yet, but Apptrigger reports that they've had confirmation by an EA spokesperson that the Commanders won't appear to Madden at the time of Madden 23. More on this if it is confirmed.

"The Washington Football Team will get updated to the brand new Washington Commander nickname, uniforms and logo in Madden NFL 23."

Are fans expecting to wait until the release of the next Madden game towards the end or the end of this calendar? This is an unusual issue for the publisher as they will surely want to be seen at the forefront of this historic change.

We also lost the legendary name of the franchise, John Madden, recently too which means that EA might be thinking of planning an ode to John Madden with Madden 23 for that. It would be wonderful to see John Madden being the star of an upcoming game wouldn't it?

Madden NFL 22 came with several great improvements on various levels within the game. It appears that"Franchise Mode' got the biggest overhaul from the previous game. It also added new features, options, styles of play, trainers simulationand much more.

When you are playing a regular season game in Madden NFL the game is wonderful, except that it can be long and tiring. You can still recreate the past, such as Tom Brady's inaugural Super Bowl win in 2002 according to cheap Madden 22 coins the following TwinSpires article.

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