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Resultantly, the pool of research topics has increased exponentially. Instructors are also quite choosy in approving the topics of research. Students cannot choose every topic because quality is equally important along with quantity. An  essay writer ,  who works for a writing service, has to write on a regular basis, and hence he is aware of choosing the research topic.

Often students are reluctant to either shortlist a topic or to write a paper. Despite all the efforts, if the writer is not sure about the authenticity of the topic then services can be obtained from different writing services. In such cases, one just needs to ask them to  Write my essay ,  and they will do the needful. Once their services are asked for, then you do not have to worry, either about the research topic or the research paper.

By considering all these requirements for a research topic that can be liked by the instructors, some of the topics are as follows:

        Un camp media is an idealistic idea that cannot be attained

        Roman and Persian empires were military and cultural rivals too.


        Teacher-student relation need to be revisited for improved efficiency

        The classrooms have a limited learning environment

        Students can excel even without homework

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      Declawing is an inhumane action

        What is most desirable: wealth or authority?

        Is there a link between youth violence and violent youth games?

        Children should have limited access to the internet

        Art is of secondary importance to meet the challenges of future

        The nature of conflicts among states would be different in future

        Family structures are altering due to urbanization

        Basic and crucial skills to start your own business

        Parenting sets the tone of life of a student

        Climate change is caused by man-made activities

        Technology is making human beings irrelevant

        Populist politics cannot compete or substitute democracy

        Social media sites reduce socialization

        Changing social class is halted at different societal levels

        Space weaponization is a negative-sum game for all

        The Chief executive of a state should be a technocrat

        Academic excellence should not be undermined by a lack of professional experience

        Renting should be preferred over buying of the house

        Should the governments cut aid for dictatorial rules

        Manners are important for social acceptance

        Why should girls be allowed to become active football players?

        Why should school enjoy certain relaxation?

        Why should the joint family system be reinforced?

        How to avoid cyber security attacks for a safer future?

        What are the major concerns of students in the age of technology?

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        Real happiness is in health, not in wealth

        Preserving natural habitat in the age of industrialization

        Information that people should have about junk food

        How Globalization has transformed our lifestyle?

        How can goals be materialized without getting frustrated?

        How has artificial intelligence changed our lives?

        Is rebellious thinking beneficial?

        Why do people become more materialistic?

        How teamwork results in success?

        Children learn from observation, not from advice

        Prerequisites for a leader

        How an average person can transform into a genius?

        Why do societies vary from each other and what is the determining factor?

        How learning habits can be developed?

        Does the media have the power to manage the emotions of the masses?

        What is more important, talent or hard work?

        Peace is time for preparation for the next war

        Nuclear zero is not possible, essentially in the globalized and intertwined community.

        Time of crisis is a hint of opportunity

        Skills are not developed overnight

        Actual learning is not in the classroom

        Urbanization is not in any one's' favor

        The nation-state system has resulted in peace

        European Union is the result of economic interdependence

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    How business activity can be enhanced through social media?

      Health services should be the state's responsibility.

    Covid19 has impacted people psychologically and mentally, more than economic and social aspects.

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