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When writing a characteristic, it must be borne in mind that the characteristic will be considered by the heads of the educational institution, methodologists, teachers who may not know that you chose to pay someone to write my paper  will find the features of individual technological processes , the names of machines and mechanisms and do not know the professional slang used in the enterprise, which means that it is necessary to use only understandable terms and concepts. 


In the characteristic, it is not worth mentioning the norms of production, the number of shifts and hours of work of the student, it is important here to provide information about the professional maturity of the student, the possibility for them to independently study and work in their specialty.


The compilation of characteristics for a student must correspond to the level of the student's qualifications, which means that for a student-trainee from a vocational school, it is not necessary to write detailed characteristics, as he can visit writemypapers.company/edit-my-paper/ for an institute student.


The basis for the preparation of the content can be the job duties of the employee, in the position of which the student is on probation. In addition, you need to be careful and when assessing it is important to understand how to assess the knowledge, skills and abilities of the trainee. So, to assess knowledge of safety regulations and fire safety, the assessment criteria are:

  1. Assessment "satisfactory" means that knowledge is fully mastered, practical skills allow you to admit to further work under the guidance of a mentor, such an assessment shows that during the practice there were no violations;
  2. The mark "unsatisfactory" means that the student was not allowed to work, did not learn the safety rules, or there were violations of safety rules during the work due to the student's fault.

Treat the practice with interest and responsibility - and you will be appreciated!  Assessment of knowledge of skills and abilities is carried out as follows:

  1. The mark "excellent" is given if the tasks are completed in full, the knowledge is of a systemic nature, the student has penetrated deeply into the understanding of production processes. You can get these marks consistently if you buy papers on https://writemypapers.company/buy-assignment/ instead of writing them yourself.;
  2. The mark "good" shows that the student has coped with the tasks, but the knowledge requires further deepening, while he can be entrusted with difficult work;
  3. The mark "satisfactory" says that, in general, the student can work independently, knowledge about the main processes is mastered at the level of general concepts;

"Unsatisfactory" is exhibited in the absence of basic concepts and knowledge, poor mastery of professional skills and the possibility of admission to work only under the guidance of a master and constant supervision.

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