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In the enchanting realm of TL Lucent, where magic intertwines with might, adventurers often seek unique and powerful builds to enhance their combat prowess. One such dynamic build that captivates newcomers and veterans alike is the Greatsword Wand Build. In this comprehensive beginner's guide, we'll delve into the intricacies of this formidable combination, exploring the synergy between the greatsword and wand to create a versatile and impactful playstyle. Join us on a journey through the foundations, tactics, and optimizations that define the Greatsword Wand Build in Throne and Liberty.

Understanding the Greatsword Wand Build:

The Greatsword Wand Build is a fusion of melee and magical capabilities, offering players a diverse set of tools for various combat scenarios. Before diving into the specifics, let's understand the key components of this hybrid build:

Greatsword Proficiency:

The greatsword serves as the primary melee weapon in this build.

Known for its raw power and sweeping attacks, the greatsword excels in dealing significant melee damage.

Wand Mastery:

The wand functions as the magical counterpart in this build.

Wands provide ranged magical attacks, utility spells, and crowd control, complementing the greatsword's melee capabilities.

Versatility and Adaptability:

The strength of the Greatsword Wand Build lies in its adaptability.

Players can seamlessly transition between melee and ranged combat, adapting to different enemy types and encounter scenarios.

Synergistic Skills:

The key to a successful Greatsword Wand Build is selecting skills that synergize well between the greatsword and wand.

Skills should enhance both melee and magical aspects, creating a cohesive and fluid combat experience.

Foundations of the Greatsword Wand Build:

Stat Allocation:

Begin by allocating stat points to enhance both strength and intelligence.

Strength boosts melee damage, while intelligence amplifies magical damage. A balanced allocation ensures versatility.

Weapon Enhancement:

Invest in enhancing both the greatsword and wand with upgrades and enchantments.

Prioritize bonuses that amplify physical and magical damage, critical hit rates, and overall combat effectiveness.

Skill Selection:

Choose skills that blend melee and magical elements seamlessly.

Greatsword skills should include powerful slashes and area-of-effect (AoE) attacks, while wand skills can focus on ranged projectiles and crowd control.

Tactical Approaches with the Greatsword Wand Build:

Initiating Combat:

Approach enemies with the greatsword for melee engagement.

Use impactful greatsword skills to initiate combat and close the distance between you and your foes.

Melee Combos:

Execute melee combos with the greatsword, chaining together regular attacks and powerful skills.

Time your greatsword skills to maximize damage output and control the flow of battle.

Ranged Precision:

When facing ranged enemies or situations that require distance, switch to the wand.

Utilize wand skills for precise and ranged magical attacks, targeting enemies from a safe distance.

Crowd Control:

Leverage wand skills with crowd control effects to manage groups of enemies.

AoE spells or abilities that inflict debuffs can disrupt enemy formations and provide strategic advantages.

Versatile Defense:

The Greatsword Wand Build offers versatile defensive options.

Use the greatsword for parrying and blocking in melee encounters, and the wand for kiting and avoiding attacks from a distance.

Optimizing the Greatsword Wand Build:

Gear Optimization:

Equip gear that enhances both melee and magical aspects of the build.

Look for items that provide bonuses to strength, intelligence, critical hit chance, and overall combat performance.

Dual-Slot Enchantments:

Utilize dual-slot enchantments on the greatsword and wand for synergistic bonuses.

Enchantments that enhance both weapons simultaneously contribute to the overall effectiveness of the build.

Skill Tree Progression:

Strategically progress through the skill trees for both the greatsword and wand.

Prioritize skills that offer increased damage, reduced cooldowns, and enhanced utility.

Adaptability to Enemies:

Be adaptable in selecting your approach based on the types of enemies you encounter.

Adjust your playstyle to exploit enemy weaknesses and maximize your damage output.

Continuous Learning:

Experiment with different skill combinations and adapt your build based on your evolving playstyle.

Continuous learning and tweaking ensure that the Greatsword Wand Build remains effective in diverse encounters.


The Greatsword Wand Build in Throne and Liberty stands as a testament to the game's rich diversity of playstyles. This hybrid combination offers adventurers a thrilling blend of melee might and magical finesse, providing a versatile toolkit for conquering the challenges that lie ahead. As you embark on your journey with the Greatsword Wand Build, remember to balance strength and intelligence, synergize your skills, and adapt to the ever-changing landscape of throne and liberty lucent price. May your slashes be swift, your spells be potent, and your adventures be filled with triumph in the magical realms of this enchanting world.

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