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Jacob & Co launches the Astronomia Regulator


Jacob & Co. has revolutionized the regulator. The brand takes a watchmaking typical and gives it its own twirl. The Astronomia Régulateur is often a 43 mm rose gold high quality watches replica with a 3D design and a movement that wraps up one rotation in 1 minute, featuring a unique Haute Horlogerie movement.

Some sort of first, Jacob & Co. announces an extraordinary timepiece: the actual Astronomia Régulateur. The turning vertical movement completes a single rotation in one minute. The particular ring-shaped seconds dial goes around counterclockwise once every one minute. Its flying tourbillon swivels on two axes, for both one minute. A constant force product balances the energy of the gun barrel for perfectly smooth as well as fast operation.

The 43 mm circumstance features a large sapphire board that offers the widest likely view of the semi-transparent domed blue subdials. With their common font and gold hands and fingers, they are a tribute to help high-precision watchmaking. Jacob & Co. combines one of the most basic complications with its Astronomia architectural mastery, adding a watchmaking effect to the regulator’s unique present mode by adding an “inspired by the impossible” style. high quality fake watches

If Jacob & Co. is “inspired by the impossible”, this is especially on account of its ability to reinvent timeless classics. The Regulator Astromia reflects this reinvention on a hard to find scale. The regulator attributes the display of a long time, minutes and seconds with three different positions for the dial. Historically, it was and a very precise clock as used by other watchmakers to regulate all their work. The Astromia regulator takes these classic features and gives them a new age in Jacob & Co. style.

A whole new watchmaking reference

Typically the Astronomia regulator is equipped with the particular JCAM56 movement, a completely completely new construction that draws on the expertise of the Astronomia Revolution and also consists of a total of 552 parts. It rotates for a speed of 60 seconds and has now three arms. Among them, typically the flying tourbillon completes just one rotation in one minute. Incorporated into the vertical platform, within the second axis of sequence, also in one minute. The opposite two arms are dedicated to showcasing the time. One of the dials indicates the minutes, identifiable by means of an indication printed on a okay scale. The other shows the moment. Both are made of a blue, translucent, lightweight material. replica Jacob and Co. Bugatti Chiron

The rose gold event is 43 mm in diameter and 18 mm thick, making it a perfect healthy for wrists. The whole thing involves just a simple frame this supports two large see-through sapphires. The first is a circular glass. The other is a diamond ring that takes up the entire scenario. To increase brightness, the Astronomia regulator is equipped with a skeletonized horn. Together, they offer ideal view of the movement.

Astronomia Heritage

The Astronomia regulator is a result of Jacob & Co. 's experience in usable and rotating tourbillon moves. In 2016, the Astronomia Tourbillon introduced its cutting edge architecture: its movement is made of several satellites that spin on their own around a central axis, like a carousel. These geostationary satellites each carry a unwanted effect, including a suspended flying multi-axis tourbillon. Replica Breitling SuperOcean

Its rotation speed seemed to be originally set to 20 short minutes, but the idea was generally to speed it up to raise the spectacle and detail of the movement. In 2023, Jacob & Co. presented the Astronomia Revolution, which will rotates at one emerging trend per minute and took decades to develop.

With astronomy regulators, the third clue is the most special. Seconds are the most important information for government bodies, as watchmakers and individuals refer to them in their do the job. The seconds indication from the Astronomia Regulator is it has the most unique feature. A slimmer and elegant golden hand outshines the base of the vertical mobility. It points to a large, around, blue, translucent ring: often the seconds scale. This wedding ring rotates counterclockwise once each 60 seconds, providing a clear along with unparalleled display of the just a few seconds. replica Audemars Piguet Royal Oak

Energy Mastery

One revolution per minute for any 360 degrees is a very high speed, thinking of what is moving. It's not only 1 hand, but more than half the 552-component movement. This pounds requires a lot of energy. Often the Astronomia Regulator has a couple barrels, hidden at the bottom in the dial. At the other end on the movement, the double-axis soaring tourbillon is a delicate design. If it received this strength uncontrolled, it could shake in addition to break. To regulate this gigantic flow, Jacob & Co. got creative, worked out the best way to control it, and added in a revolutionary, patented constant power device to the gear exercise near the tourbillon.

Constant force was at first used to equalize the energy gotten by the pendulum, making it considerably more precise. The Astronomia Regulator makes dual use of that patented and very special system. Not only does it provide a sturdy, continuous source of power to this timepiece, it also helps to improve the watch's precision. This directly deals with the regulator's primary liability. It also regulates the energy achieving the tourbillon while giving the JCAM56 movement its amazing acceleration. This is how the miracle with the Astronomia Régulateur happens: an exceptionally complex piece of watchmaking know-how, yet it is invisible. These all reveals what Jacob & Co. is famous for: passion, different style, watchmaking performance and great craftsmanship. Patek Philippe replica Watches

Technical specifications


Caliber: JCAM56

Winding: Manual

Dimensions: 38. 60 mm

Height: 13. 75 mm

Components: 552

Power reserve: TBD

Frequency: 21, 600 vph (3 Hz)


Vertical rotating middle platform: clockwise every 1 minute

Rotating seconds subdial: counterclockwise every 60 seconds

Rotating flying tourbillon: just about every 60 seconds

Constant drive device with a loading consistency of 1/6 second

Off-centered split subdial watch dial showing hours and a few minutes with 2 differentials


Dimensions: 43 mm

Height: 18 mm

Material: 18 karat rose gold and bundled sapphire case

Looking glass: anti-reflective domed sapphire

Case back: 18 carat rose gold

Water resistance: 30 m (3 atm)


Basic: Polished titanium

Subdials: Blue domed polycarbonate having white printed indices

Hands: Dauphine 5N crimson gold

Bracelets and clasp

Tie: Blue alligator leather Hold

: 18K rose gold flip-style folding clasp 

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