Technical Analyst


Technical Analyst Graduate Training Program 

You are fascinated by the technologies that make the world move. We'll give you the chance to work with those technologies and make an impact, from application development and business engineering to systems architecture. 

We Invest in our new hires, to help them start strong and make big contributions throughout their careers. This is your opportunity to gain deeper knowledge and understanding of the financial services industry — not only from a technology perspective. We will give you the training you need to have a deep understanding of the firm's products and our client needs. 


Our Technical Analyst program offers: 

  • A two-year rotational training program which teaches you the foundations, how to navigate Credit Suisse, division specific, risk awareness, banking expertise and developing your skills as a graduate
  • A comprehensive onboarding program to acclimate to Credit Suisse's corporate culture • An overview of the financial services industry and technology's vital role • Formal technical skills training courses and mentoring from Credit Suisse professionals 


What We Look For 

We look for long-term potential. For fresh perspectives. For a wide range of experiences, interests, and degrees. For enthusiastic, entrepreneurial people who wish to work on a global scale. We look for future leaders of our organization. We want you to learn about everything the bank does, and give you the chance to find what suits you best. 


Foundation Roles: The Basis for Excellent Technical Experience 

First-Year Analysts begin their career in one of four foundational roles in order to develop the necessary strong technical base to support a successful long term career.

  • Application Architecture and Development
  • Business Analysis and Engineering
  • Technology Operations
  • User Production Support 

After your first placement, you will then have a chance to transition to another area within technology to learn new skills, expand your network and gain a greater depth of knowledge about the firm before being placed in your fuli-time role at the end of the program. And throughout your time with us, we will continue to invest in your ongoing learning and development, and offer you networking opportunities to help you progress your career. 


How to Apply 

Apply online at 

If you are interested in receiving information, please contact: 

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Technology at Credit Suisse


Technology at Credit Suisse: 

Delivering banking services in innovative ways 

Technology continues to transform the financial services industry. Our clients expect us to deliver banking services in innovative ways, and to provide digital channels to help them communicate, execute trades, and purchase financial products. Banks today require fast, secure, innovative technology, along with robust foundational systems that can handle traditional banking tasks efficiently. 

To keep pace with our clients, we continue to make major investments in technology, including a $3 billion annual technology budget and a team of over 9,500 IT employees. That's nearly a quarter of our global workforce, and more employees than you'll find at many of the world's best-known tech companies. 


Best in Class Innovation: 

Technology Products and Service, 
Each business area delivers state-of-the-art programs, systems and support to our clients and employees. These range from rapid trading programs for clients to improvements in the bank's overall efficiency to global, standardized infrastructure technology. 


Cutting edge technology that supports innovation 

Bid Data: Data Architecture and Semantic Technology 

As a global bank, we manage vast amounts of trading and market data, which offer new opportunities to improve our product platform for our broad base of discerning clients. DAST is a company-wide effor-t to harness Big Data, with standard technologies, platforms, and analytical capabilities. Our data scientists provide thought leadership, product engineering, delivery, and implementation services. 
the future at work 



FinTech is the provision of financial services to consumers, businesses or institutions in an online or automated manner, from robo-advisers to online credit card management where you can manage your own credit card scores. The FinTech Innovation Lab is a highly competitive program for early stage companies that are developing products for financial services. As a participating bank, Credit Suisse helps choose the participants and mentors up to three FinTech finalist companies each year, giving us an early lead on innovative new products. 


Bring your own device 

Our Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiative enables our employees to use their own technology to work remotely, and supports our aim to give employees the option to work flexibly —from their home, while on the road, and from different office locations. BYOD is helping us become more agile as a business, more transparent than ever before, and better able to meet the needs of our clients and our employees. 


Smart Working Program 

"Smart Working" is a program which focuses on how best to use policies, technology and space to best address changing work patterns, workplace preferences and the increased flexibility afforded by enabling technology. This program examines best practices in other industries, competitor benchmarking and common practices already existing in Credit Suisse.The goal of Smart Working is to better support how our people need and would like to work, while also ensuring the business delivers results and is run in a cost efficient manner. We feel it is important to offer modern ways of working to our current and future employees in their work environment.