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Una's Tasks are daily & weekly quests that players can finish for special rewards. In this guide, we'll dive into what Una's Tasks are, how to unlock, gain access to, and complete them.

What Are Una's Tasks?

Una's Tasks are constantly rejuvenating projects that provide a lot of LostArk Gold for really little time and financial investment. As soon as gamers get to the degree cap, it's a terrific means to continue unlocking new items and enhancing devices.

How to Unlock Una's Tasks?

You can unlock Una's Tasks in Lost Ark by getting to degree 50.

How to Accessibility Una's Tasks?

Right here is how to gain access to Una's Task Menu in Lost Ark:

1). On the bottom-right side of the screen, you will see "Adventure." Click on it.
2). Below, select Una's Tasks.
3). Additionally, you can likewise push Alt + J to access Una's Task directly.

How to Choose which Tasks to Complete?

There are four sorts of tasks that you can complete in the long run video game:

1). Daily: Tasks that reset daily.
2). Weekly: Tasks that reset weekly.
3). Reputation: Tasks that determine and help improve your reputation with the NPCs.
4). Guild Request: These are the tasks you can undertake to help level up your guild.

How to Full Una's Tasks?

To complete Una's Task, comply with these actions:

1). Head to Una's Task Food selection. The easiest way to discover this food selection is by pushing "Alt + J" on your keyboard.
2). This brings up a food selection that details every one of Una's Tasks you can do for the day. You can likewise see the advised Product Level and all the incentives you'll make for completing a task.
3). Select the task you want to finish, either daily or Weekly.
4). Full the task goals.
5). Afterward, return to the menu to accumulate the reward.

How to Complete Una's Daily Tasks?

• Point Reward: 2 per daily task.
• Limit: 3 per day.

Daily tasks are small-scale tasks that can be achieved swiftly. You need to travel to a details location to finish these daily tasks. Before approving a task, you can constantly click the "location" button close to the "accept" button to uncover where the task's location is.

Below are a couple of instance tasks as well as rewards you can anticipate from Una's dailies:

1). Collect Starflower's Light

• 240 Roster XP
• 10 Reputation
• 400 Honor Shards

2). Eliminate Mayhem Legion forces

• 240 Roster XP
• 10 Reputation
• 18,700 Silver

3). Defeat Tarmakum

• 240 Roster XP
• 10 Reputation
• T3 Stone of Soaring

Alternatively, if you have "Una's Task Instant Complete Ticket," you can select to finish the mission instantly instead.

Just How to Full Una's Weekly Tasks?

• Point Reward: 12 per weekly task.
• Limit: 3 per week.

Weekly Tasks facility around Lost Ark's different endgame tasks requires you to perform various times to declare the benefit. Just one weekly task can be activated at any offered time, and weeklies do not sustain Lost Ark's catch-up technicians.

Here is every activity linked to Una's weekly tasks, together with each task goal:

1). Chaos Dungeons: Clear 6 Chaos Dungeons at T1 or over.
2). Guardian Raids: Harvest 6 hearts from Guardians.
3). Cube: Get a Silver Chest or much better in any Cube difficulty.
4). Boss Rush: Complete clear a Boss Rush. Any rate matters.
5). Proving Grounds (PvP): Take Part In a Battlefield 5 times.
6). Trade Skills: Accumulate 1,000 Mysterious Essence via Trade Ability tasks.
7). Sailing: Complete 6 Sailing Co-op Quests.

That sums up just how to complete Una's Tasks and every little thing else you should know. And you can likewise click here for more lost ark guides, information, updates, and pointers.

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